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I wanted to learn to overcome my fear of failure, specifically my university exams. I have developed a range of skills to remain calm and evaluate my challenges as well as using the most appropriate skills to overcome them. My coach has helped me to view things from a different angle and has given me confidence in my abilities.

'J' Hertfordshrie, UK. Graduate.


Claire's coaching skills had a profound effect on me especially in the work place.

'N' Hertfordshire, UK. Manager.


This has been a fantastic experience and has made me see things from lots of different perspectives. An experience I will treasure and use for a long time.

'S' Hertfordshire, UK. Teacher.


The impact of coaching with Claire was quite significant for me as it helped me analyse the situation and by discussing different options showed me the way to the right solutions. In such a way I am now taking quicker and more efficient ways to achieving my business goals.

'D' Ljubljana, Slovenia. Business owner, entrepreneur.


I wanted to increase my motivation to lose weight and increase my confidence regards starting university. Claire was really lovely and has the ability to make you feel really comfortable talking to her about anything.

'A' Bradford, UK. 18, ready for university.


Claire has a wonderful way of bringing out my confidence to enable me to be a much better parent. Claire listens attentively and really raises my awareness to the situation so I am able to take steps to move forward.

'N' Oxon, UK. Parent.


I gained tremendous benefits from my coaching with Claire. Her attentive listening is paramount. She probes well with questions that really helped me to stop and think. Coaching with Claire assisted me in prioritising my very busy schedule and progressing with velocity on several fronts. Her compassionate nature gave me the freedom to address, on the calls, things that I wouldn't be as open about with others.

'Y' London, UK. Business owner.


Claire's coaching has had a substantial impact on me. I have learnt to assess situations in a realisitc way without worrying about things that I don't need to worry about. I have been able to standback and assess other areas of worry in the same way since coaching, and don't think I'll stop applying the techniques Claire has instilled in me throughout my coaching sessions.

'E' Hertfordshire, UK. Teacher.


I have found coaching a great tool, very useful in establishing where I am in life and how to set goals to achieve in life. I have gained more confidence. My coach was warm and friendly and encouraged me a lot.

'S' Hertfordshire, UK. 21, ready for working life.


Life Coaching has shown me how to stop and evaluate what I am doing and get me thinking about the best steps to take to help me reach my goal.

'M' Hertfordshire, UK. 21, graduate.


I really liked my sessions with Claire, she helped me with my confidence in my career development.

'T' Hertfordshire, UK. 27, freelancer.

My clients have the right to confidentiality, hence no full names are displayed on this page. However, many satisfied clients are happy to provide references and testimonials, please ask if you would like more information.

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