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Clients’ Stories

Peter's Story

Peter, 20, struggled with confidence issues.  He attended university some distance from the home that he shared with his grandparents, and was on the brink of throwing in the towel to return home, perhaps pick up a job, probably starting on a low wage.

The first few coaching sessions were spent getting to know Peter and hearing his story.  It was important to allow time for him to build up trust in his coach and also to relax enough to be honest and open about his situation.

He discussed his deep fears: that his grandparents would disapprove and be disappointed if he quit university; that he was a burden to them; that he would never make new friends at university. His sadness and isolation allowed his beliefs to dominate his thinking.

Using feedback from the people close to him, his coach encouraged Peter to gather evidence to contradict some of the assumptions he had been making. Over ten coaching sessions began to challenge his self-limiting beliefs. In a supportive, non-judgemental environment Peter soon began to push himself further and identify some goals that took him out of his comfort zone, such as joining a social club at university.  As he started to achieve success with these goals, his confidence grew.

By his tenth coaching session Peter had formed a brand new circle of friends.  Being around like minded people, having friends to share time and experiences with made a dramatic difference to his perception of his success.  His happiness levels increased and his relationship with his family grew stronger.  He felt able to cope well with his studies and built an excellent support network around him.

Amy's Story

Amy had been single for over a year and wanted to be in a committed romantic relationship.  She came to coaching with this specific goal in mind.

Whilst working on this goal, Amy and her coach started looking at the other areas of Amy’s life that were important to her.  During this process, she realised that she needed to make some changes in order to create some space and time before her romantic life could begin again.

Her coach gently helped Amy to explore her work/life balance; she had a demanding job and she had started to spend more and more time at her office, finishing the day tired and drained.  Amy realised that she needed to alter her working routines before she could even think about finding the time and motivation to start a new relationship, or even go out and meet new people. Having successfully identified some ways in which she could adopt a kinder routine for herself, she felt more revitalised and energised after only a couple of weeks.  She had put herself into an excellent position to start dating again – mainly because she had uncovered the barrier that had been holding her back.

The new, uplifted Amy did start dating again, but in her final coaching session she reported that the benefits of coaching had been far greater reaching: she had seen more of her friends, starting loving her job again, and had even found time to join a gym.

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