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So lately I have been gardening.  Not too exciting for some, I’m sure, but for me it has been a reconnection with nature, a step toward a more connected and holistic lifestyle.

For the past few months I have been immersed in various work and personal projects and I seem to have had very little time or energy left to do the things that I knew I wanted to do.  My soul understood what was necessary but my mind overrode it, dictating that I prioritise my time and energies elsewhere.

Two of the major projects that I had been working on came to fruition two weeks ago and I immediately made a promise to myself to redress the balance in my life.  You see, I did know what I needed to do, yet even then I was drawn away from it by the belief that I needed to be working the hours that I did, that I needed to relinquish some of the ‘distractions’ in my life that I thought were stopping me from being free to spend all of that time working.  I know better and should have acted accordingly.

We are all human, and sometimes we behave in ways that we know are not healthy for us or useful to us.  And that really is okay, sometimes.  We don’t need to be beating ourselves up and dolloping a heap of guilt on top of our already piled lives.  However, when we notice that our lives are out of balance, that we are suffering and behaving in quite a self-destructive way, we then need to take action to re-evaluate, restore the re-balance.

Make a promise to yourself, today, now, to put something into your life that is just for you; put something in place that, on a deep level, you understand to be right for you, that will being happiness and peace into your world.

Today I look at the firework bursts of pinks, magentas and tangerines that flash amidst the multihued foliage, I breathe in the rain wet grass, I sit and be still.  For just as long as it takes to shift the balance.

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