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“Sometimes you've got to believe in someone else's belief in you until your belief kicks in.” Les Brown. This is one of my favourite quotes from a great motivational speaker, who I was lucky enough to see speaking live at an event last year.  It resonates with me because I feel that I have experienced this level of support and faith in my own journey and I can honestly say that without it I wouldn’t have taken some of the chances that I did, I wouldn’t have felt the confidence that I have felt in my plans and actions.  And subsequently I wouldn’t have succeeded at the things I was fearful of failing.

But what if we don’t have this kind of support in our lives, what happens during the times that we are not surrounded by caring, supportive people who have our best interests at heart?  What happens when we feel alone and scared - how do we then start to develop this self-belief?

I was tempted to write a great list of thoughts and ideas, but the thing is, when you are feeling doubtful and unsure, you just need a spoonful of effective and useful.  So I offer these, and maybe there is something for you, to take forward and use until your self-belief really does start to kick in...

Look for evidence

What have I already done before that is similar to what is being asked of me now?  How did I do it?  What have I learnt from that experience that I can use now to make me successful?  What skills do I have that I can utilise now?

Look at the big picture

How does the current situation or problem fit into the big picture?  Am I keeping things in perspective?  What advice would others give me?

Be aware of negative thinking

Is my current thinking helpful to me right now?  Am I ‘comfort thinking’ – is there a pity party going on in my head?  Am I focussing my energy on ‘the powerful now’ or the ‘should have, would have past’?  I am being overly self-critical?

Be creative

Am I being a problem solver?  What positive things might happen when I start to take action?  If I were the hero of a novel or film, what qualities do I have that would help me save the day?

And finally, one last question for you…

What if there were no extraordinary people, just ordinary people doing extraordinary things?







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