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Consider the risks that lay ahead of you, versus the risk of now.  

Our minds do strange things pretty much most of the time.  Considering risk is just another example of how it can work for us or against us.  Risk is a subjective evaluation that we make, probably every day of our lives.  For example, we weigh up the risk of getting in our car and travelling to college, school or work and being involved in an accident.  Most of the time we work out that it is a risk that we are prepared to take, that is it sufficiently low for us to feel confident in pursuing our intended course fo action.  Sometimes, however, for those suffering with anxiety or depression the risk becomes too great and we are prevented from taking a course of action that others seem to find so simple and straight forward to complete.  Risk cannot be calculated accurately, there are too many influences at play that are outside of our sphere of influence.

Think about the first statement, what does that mean for you?  We aren’t used to thinking in terms of the risk of now, we are usually engaged in making decisions for our future.  Will it rain today, should I take an umbrella?  If I climb up those steps, what is the likelihood that I will fall?  Should I take that job, will I be able to cope with the added responsibilities?

But we really need to also put some thought to the risk of now.  Maybe the bonus question should be “what is the risk to me of not taking this course of action?  What is it costing me to stay where I am?”  If I allow the weather to keep me indoors, what will happen to my health and wellbeing?  If I don’t get up that ladder then will I have to live constantly with a roof that leaks?  If I don’t take that job, what are the chances of my dissatisfaction with my current role clearing? 

The risk of the future can serve to protect us, but it can also become our enemy; blocking our paths and ambitions, crushing our creativity, killing our joy.

Yes of course we need to consider our options, to evaluate how likely we are to succeed and remain safe….but what if the greater risk is inaction?


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