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About Life Coaching


What can a Life Coach do?

Coaching allows you the opportunity to explore and evaluate what is currently happening in your life and helps you to set goals for the future.  Starting with the assumption that you carry the key to your own success, your coach is there to act as a guide and catalyst through which you can access your own solutions and ideas for change.  Coaches do not offer opinions or advice, instead they help you build your own self-esteem and self-confidence by deciding which actions to take, allowing you to develop and recognise your own abilities.  Challenging self-limiting beliefs will help you conquer fears and become more successful.


What can Life Coaching do for me?

Coaching focusses on setting goals and developing the strategies, motivation and confidence to achieve them. You may or may not have a clear idea about the topics you wish to be coached on.  Claire practices a holistic approach – looking at the whole you. Talking through your priorities with your coach will help you gain a fresh perspective on your current situation and identify the changes you want to make.

I believe that in order to feel happier, more motivated and become successful we need to ensure that there is balance and harmony in our lives



Coaching can help you overcome barriers to attaining that dream job.  You can explore and plan your career development, uncover strategies on how to advance, and map out a clear path forward.


We are not, and should not be, passengers in relationships.  Coaching can help you to identify problems and challenges with your relationships, personal or professional, and talk through ideas on being effective in your relationships, allowing them to grow and flourish.  Your coach will encourage you to challenge some of your self-limiting beliefs and go after the relationship you desire.


Fun, social life, hobbies, personal passions – all key ingredients of a fulfilling, exciting and purposeful life.  Sometimes people need to uncover just what it is that they need to put into their lives, sometimes it is about finding the time, energy and commitment to making it happen.  Coaching helps you to explore ways to get excited about your life.


You cannot become confident without doing things that develop your confidence.  Claire has worked with many clients, improving their self-esteem and confidence by exploring personal values and questioning beliefs.  Clients are supported in stepping out of their comfort zone and taking on new challenges.

Personal Development

Personal development really means being a better you.  Coaching allows you the time and space to examine what is working in your life and what is not.  A great coach helps you to set goals that stretch you, find ways to get ‘unstuck’ from your current situation and grow and develop.  Coaching often acts as an intervention, encouraging you to challenge your inner conversation and learn new, healthy thinking habits. 


How effective are you with your time?  Is your life balanced? Are you happy with the amount of time and energy you give to all the various areas of your life?  For most people the answer is a resounding “no!”  It can be tricky balancing the demands of parenthood and career, of breadwinner and lover, of carer and friend.  It can be even trickier carving out some ‘me’ time.


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